About Us

Hi my name is Keryn and I am an ordinary person dealing with menopause.  Natural Relief from Menopause Symptoms was created by me and I have most of the symptoms in the list. I found that general practitioners, while well meaning, didn’t have answers or treatments that were not chemical ( read pharmaceutical ) based. Since I have had some experience with pharmaceutical drugs and the side effects they can have – I took the contraceptive pill for many years until I worked out it gave me terrible mood swings – I felt this wasn’t a good option for me. I have also had adverse reactions to other prescribed medications, although generally not severe, it was enough to make me consider other options for treatment. I have also watched close family members deal with terrible side effects of drugs they were prescribed over the years. Even over the counter medication can have adverse consequences and reactions.

So  I chose to embark on a journey to find ways to ease the symptoms of a natural phase of life with natural things in order to feel better and help others do the same. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured! After all, menopause has been around for a long, long time – long before there were today’s treatments. What did women do back then? I think they used herbs, simply because herbs have been around a long time too and some knowledge has been lost. I also think there is no one-size fits all, what works for you may not work for me  and vice versa. So get educated and try some things, if it suits you.

This website is for information and education only, to hopefully assist others in making informed choices. It does not give medical advice and is not intended to diagnose any condition. Please see a health care practitioner if you have a known medical condition or have questions about your health care.

Thanks for having a look, enjoy your visit to this site and all the very best for your journey in life 🙂