Signs of Menopause

menopause symptoms

These  signs and symptoms can happen anywhere from perimenopause to post menopause – although for most they do decrease in frequency and eventually stop.


Hot flush with fanHot flushes ( or flashes ) – where most of your body feels like it suddenly became a heater turned on HIGH setting. Sometimes get a nice rosy glow to go with it. Probably the most common – and well known symptom of all.

Night sweats – where you get so hot and sweaty it wakes you up. Or you wake up in a very sweaty bed. It’s not pleasant and you end up doing a lot of washing.

Insomnia or sleeplessness – trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, one of the worst symptoms, in my opinion. This leads to the next 3 below;sleepnessless, fatigue

Fatigue – and tiredness. Some days I find it hard to get out of bed!

Brain fog – when you just can’t think straight. It’s a bit different to;

Memory loss and or forgetfulness –  what was you name again? Who are you? Not good when talking to your husband! Or, more commonly, just can’t think of the word you want at any given moment. Or, my persoal favorite, what did I come into this room for?

Mood swings


Low self esteem

Feelings of being unloved– ooops I thought this was normal from time to time

Depression – can happen at any time in your life but apparently a higher possibility during this time of life. ( I think sleepnessness has a lot to do with this! )

Irritibilty – now you have an excuse for it!


Brittle nails – they split and crack.

Body odor changes

Burning tongue


Dry eyes

Hair loss and thinning hair – not fair!

Irreular heartbeat /palpitations – I personally got this one checked out by a heart specialist. He said it was nothing to worry about. If you have heart palpitations I would encourage you to see a medical professional and get it checked out.

Ichy skin– anywhere. I have really ichy ears, they drive me crazy. I also get random iches anywhere but often on my back where it’s harder to scratch.

Feeling light headed

Tender breasts — very painful.

Lack of sex drive – yep, just non existant, really. Like it went on holiday and forgot to come back.  This one is hard on your husband/partner. Hope you have a really understanding partner.

Dry vagina – ouch! Easy to treat – just use a little coconut oil. I wouldn’t touch any of the commercial lubricants. Whatever they are made from ( silicone or whatever ) is going to go straight into your body. So best to use coconut oil.

Uncomfortable sex

Heavy bleeding and/or irregular periods – during perimenopause, which can lead to this next one;

Anaemia – this can be due to several things but I do recommend you see a good medical practitioner for this one. You can treat it naturally but depending on the severity, you might want to consider other options. Get tested, in any case, so you know what you are dealing with.

HeadacheHeadaches – for most of my life, I have had headaches with a period. Now they can arrive anytime and last for days! I know they are not from dehydration because I drink a lot of water and a dehydration headache disappears quite quickly once you get hydrated again. These headaches don’t. They are not super painful but they just hang around.



Dry skin

More Facial hair – in my case, on the chin. Some grow a bit of a moustashe as well. I could grow a little goatee if I didn’t wax it off. ( I could be a bearded lady! No thanks! )

Muscle pains – I find mostly in the legs and just one shoulder.

Joint pains

Weight gain – and harder to lose it!

Backache – and how do you tell if it’s due to menopause or something else, like oh, maybe working in the garden all day?

Feeling of things crawling under the skin – fortunately I don’t get this one. Apparently it’s caused by the same imbalance as hot flushes, just presents differently. Also called formication.

Incontinence – this means ooops, a little wee came out when you didn’t mean it to. Usually while sneezing, coughing or laughing.

Needing to pee more frequently – oh yeah. I know all about this, made worse by the fact that I drink a lot of water from living in a warm climate.

Constipation – this can also happen any time in your life, and I’ve had this all my life. Probably just more of a possiblity at this time. Easily changed with diet.

So as you can see, there can be a lot going on at this time of life! Men don’t have to worry about any of this.